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NO COURSES RUNNING FOR 2017- sorry for the inconvience
MotherNurture is pleased to announce the New Parents Education Course. This a five week course run on Wednesdays from 10-12 helping to support and guide new parents through the transition a baby brings. It runs every fortnight through the school term.

It is a casual relaxed atmosphere with other new parents in a similar stage and location to you.


The speakers are all experienced professionals in there chosen area. They all aim to provide unbiased logical advice that many new parents find helpful throughout this early parenting journey.


The topics covered include:

  • Sleep and settling
  • Exercise basics for the new mum and helpful tips on new parenting
  • Baby Massage Introduction
  • Key information on starting solids with your baby
  • Emotional and relationship changes a new baby can bring
  • Child specific First Aid course
Please Email Donna to register your interest or book via the events page


Course Information

Week One 


  • Settling advice and exploration of wonder weeks.
  • Normal newborn changes described with exploration of wonder weeks.
  • The styles, pro’s and con’s of different settling techniques and parenting styles will be discussed.
  • Supports and services around SA will be highlighted.

Session by Donna Mansell - Registered Nurse/Midwife, Lactaction Consultant

  • Routine Guidance and specific settling techniques
  • Discussion of specific techniques for settling the older baby. 
  • This includes specific examples of useful settling techniques and routines.

Session by Brooke Michell Sleep Specialist Psychologist

Week Two 
  • A session outlining basic Infant massage techniques to aid with bonding, wind pain and sleep and settling.

  • This is an interactive session for both you and your baby.

          Session by- Rebecca Brook- IMA infant massage instructor


  • Exericse Post Baby- Strengthening your body post birth
  • Discussion and pelvic floor strength and excercises to do at home
  • Alice will run you through an active session with you and your baby to help you build your core and confidence with exercising post baby

         Session by- Alice Adamson Women's health Physio

Week Three 

     Emotional and psychological changes in the early days of parenting.


         Session by Kyriana Fountas Psychologist Tree house Psychology

Week Four

  • An informative session on introducing solids with your baby

                 Session by Chelsea Mauch- Paedatric Dietican

Week Five


  • Baby/ Toddler First Aid Course
  • This course focuses on meeting the first aid needs for new parents.
  • Content includes resuscitation of an infant or child choking, poisoning and many more life saving techniques.
Session by Red Cross 


Some feedback from past attendee's-


Michelle and Oliver-

Great Speakers, good value and a great bunch of girls.

Great value.

Yummy morning tea and coffee.

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and chance to chat with the girls at each session.

Super glad I signed up.

Since having Oliver my life has changed - such a miracle of life!


Carly and Malin

Thank you so much for running these classes and giving the mums a chance to get out there are be social with other mums.

I didnt think I was the type of person to join a mothers group and only signed up to do the first aid.

But I was glad I did as I meet a lovely bunch of women and learnt so much about the changes coming up for Malin.


Michelle and Chloe

Thank you so much for running these classes. We did them with our first babies and learnt so much. Three years on we are all still friends all on our second baby and catch up for regular camping trips. We could never have met without these classes- keep doing them!