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Donna Mansell is the BirthSkills practitioner for South Australia.


BirthSkills is a program teaching women relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques for use in pregnancy and labour. The aim of BirthSkills is to help women overcome the fear of childbirth with positive education on the natural process of labour, birthing and the postnatal period.


The BirthSkills program is suited to women who are seeking detailed information on the process of labour and birthing, or women with anxiety and other anxiety related disorders (eg- needle phobia).


As a part of the BirthSkills program women receive detailed printed materials outlining normal physiology, endocrinology, medical and natural pain relief methods for pregnancy and labour. All information is current and evidenced based. Relaxation CD’s are also provided to teach women self-hypnosis techniques for use in pregnancy and labour. Products and further information are available from the website


A postnatal education program is also available to help women relax and enjoy their new babies. It has a strong focus on treating postnatal depression. Psychology guidance is available for women who may also require additional support.


Please note that some private health rebates may apply for this course, please speak to your private insurer.


Course Options-


Private Intensive-

This is a one on one session usually in the privacy of your own home.

The basics of the BirthSkills program will be discussed.

The participants would have some self review to complete themselves.


This is a great addition following the active birth class for those that want more specific information on hypnosis and relaxation focusing on their own individual circumstances.


Book and CD additional


Please Email Donna for further information relating to BirthSkills



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