Mother's Milk Ready Made Lactation Cookies (various flavours)

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Item #Ready Made Lactation Cookies

8 Delicious ready-made lactation cookies. (8 cookies = 1 week's supply)


Full of wholesome oats, flaxseed and other galactogogues that help boost breatsmilk production.


These lactation cookies also have some fenugreek a natural herb to give your supply a boost. They are a snack that is great for you and your baby.


Our delicious Mothers Milk Lactation cookies are a freshly made product right here in SA.

They have a 3 month life due to the ingredients. We recommend freezing them if you want them to last longer than 3 months. They defrost quickly ready for that on the go snack.

They are mostly a made to order product so please allow manufacture and shipping time.


Some feedback-


"These lactation cookies came at the right time for me and my baby. With the six week growth spurt my baby was hungry and they helped give me the boost I needed to increase my supply- and they were yummy!" Skye H


"I found my let down increased and my afternoon low supply problems disappeared with just one cookie a day - I would recommend them to any new breastfeeding mum" Kym B


"I have had the other pre-made lactation cookie on the market, they were very dense and hard to eat. When I tried Mothers Milk choc chip cookies I had to keep the family away from them. They were not only delicious but I felt my supply increased after a day or two of eating them" Emily 


Macro-nutrient breakdown of Mother's Milk cookies:-


Choc Chip Average quantity
per serving (50g)
Energy 748kJ (179 Cal) 8.598
Protein 4.679 9.358
Fat, total 9.072 12.959
Saturdated 4.580 19.084
Carbohydrate 30.250 9.758
Sugars 13.594 15.105
Sodium 0.223 9.678
Sultana Average quantity
per serving (50g)
Energy 735kJ (175 Cal) 8.448
Protein 4.241 8.482
Fat, total 6.787 9.695
Saturdated 3.146 13.107
Carbohydrate 25.380 8.187
Sugars 9.634 10.705
Sodium 0.223 9.701
Cranberry & White Choc Average quantity
per serving (50g)
Energy 871kJ (209 Cal) 10.011
Protein 4.494 8.989
Fat, total 8.195 11.708
Saturdated 3.945 16.436
Carbohydrate 30.547 9.854
Sugars 14.879 16.532
Sodium 0.226 9.835
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