Private midwifery and pregnancy care services within South Australia

adelaide's premier pregnancy care provider

MotherNurture is a private midwifery service offering postnatal and pregnancy care for women throughout their pregnancy and into early parenting. We adopt a friendly, holistic, ‘wellness’ approach and our services will:

  • Support your goals and vision to give you more confidence as you embark on parenthood
  • Equip you with the knowledge and resources needed to promote a positive and calm experience for both you and your baby
  • Tailor our programs to suit your individual circumstances
  • Provide you with consistent and unbiased, expert advice

Our Registered Midwives are qualified and experienced in all areas of prenatal and postpartum care including the following:

  • Pregnancy care
  • Partnering with your GP/Obstetrician/Paediatrician
  • Lactation support (Certified Lactation Consultants)
  • Healthy mum checks
  • Infant health/weight checks
  • Parenting courses

MotherNurture offers home and/or clinic visits and phone support. Our dedicated care and professional advice makes us the premier private midwifery service within South Australia.

Medicare rebates are available with a valid medical referral for most services. Private health rebates may also apply.

MotherNurture has also recently launched an 8 week e-course ‘The Baby Manual’. The Baby Manual is a fresh, inspiring and uplifting introduction to early parenthood. This online course covers topics such as:

  • self care for parents
  • feeding your baby
  • getting your baby to sleep
  • settling your baby
  • bonding with your baby

The program is designed to educate and support you when you need it most, offering expert advice on every new parenting challenge during the first eight weeks.  Click here to find out more about The Baby Manual.

Contact us today to receive more information about how we can help you throughout your amazing journey into parenthood.

Some feedback from past attendee’s-

  • Great Speakers, good value and a great bunch of girls. Great value. Yummy morning tea and coffee. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and chance to chat with the girls at each session. Super glad I signed up. Since having Oliver my life has changed - such a miracle of life!

    Michelle and Oliver-
  • Thank you so much for running these classes and giving the mums a chance to get out there are be social with other mums. I didnt think I was the type of person to join a mothers group and only signed up to do the first aid. But I was glad I did as I meet a lovely bunch of women and learnt so much about the changes coming up for Malin.

    Carly and Malin
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