Everyone focuses on the birth and the baby!

However not much is mentioned about the afterbirth or even the afterbirth part 2!

Yes I can see you all scratching your head thinking….. part 2……. what is she talking about??

The part 2 you do in the loo!

Don’t worry I will discuss afterbirth part 1 in my next blog (post birth bleeding).

Yes this can be quite the issue after giving birth no matter what exit the baby takes.

The pain medication offered in the postnatal period is often quite constipating and stops your bowel from working as fast as it normally does.

Preparation is the key to avoiding a back log in the tanks, discomfort and possibly the creation of your very own haemorrhoid (which will be a present for life :()

Preparation I here you say?? What…???…..

Your friend is fibre and a natural softener.

These can all be found in your diet quite easily.

Fibre rich foods are- apple, carrots, nuts, lactation cookies!!

Softener rich foods are- pears, licorice (don’t have too many bullets or you will have the opposite effect) sultanas, prunes and water.

A great pre and post birth diet would include- apple, pear, carrot, licorice (coated in choc!) and 2-3L of water.

The other useful object is a little step for the loo.

This changes the angle of the pelvic floor and eases the motion passing- if you want a laugh watch this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbYWhdLO43Q

It is also important to go when you need too- don’t miss that first message.

As the more times the message is delivered the harder the motion gets.

Remember that after a natural birth you have often usually had a clean out prior to the birth so expect the first no. 2 a few days after the birth not straight away.

Therefore the key messages are- go when you need to, use a step, include extra fibre in your diet (apple, carrot, oats or a lactation cookie) and some softness (pear, licorice, water).

This should have you feel great and avoid the stress of day 3 or 4 post birth.

Pack some of these great snacks in your baby bag to help make the exit easier (yes I could go on all day).


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