I was thinking to myself today – gee its cold!!  I had dressed myself in the morning wearing a lovely trans-seasonal outfit however I had totally forgotten that winter has arrived… and boy was it chilly.

I have many discussions with new parents about layers…

How many is too many??

Lovely new mums google the SIDS information and hear that keeping babies too warm is also dangerous and then the panic sets in – what will I do??

Then, if you read the information from a very prominent sleep ‘expert’ (who shall remain nameless but it rhymes with stinky!), she says to add up to six blankets at night time!

OMG it is all just soooooo confusing.

So, let’s make it simple.  It is winter and in most parts of Australia it is very cold – especially at night.

Most homes in winter run a heater of some sort – for the baby  or also the mum, as getting up for that 2am feed is very ‘frippley’ (eg. frozen nipples!!).

The basic dress code for all babies is one layer more than you’re wearing – and this rule is still the same in winter.

So if you recently got your power bill and had a minor heart attack maybe you need to turn that heater off and increase the swaddle bag to a slightly heavier one for the night’s sleep. A winter weight swaddle will be fine – the winter 1.8 TOG Woombie is great for these winter nights – and then you would tuck your little one in with a blanket.  This blanket can get denser as the nights get colder.

Tonight in Adelaide it is going to be 8 degrees, therefore I would expect a singlet, Bonds wonder suit (or similar), a winter weight swaddle and a single layer bamboo or wool blanket.  I am going to wear long flannelette PJ’s to bed tonight and a heavy winter quilt; therefore the baby in my example is wearing one more layer than I am.

If you had heating going all night you might just use a cotton blanket and possibly a normal weight wrap/swaddle. If you are using a winter weight swaddle then make sure your blanket is single layer.

When you think about blankets remember the more natural the fibre the more warmth it gives. Most soft blankets are synthetic and more likely to make your baby sweaty than warm – it’s like wearing polyester PJ’s – sweaty betty!!

So stick to cotton, bamboo and wool (wool providing the most warmth).

Good luck and remember each baby is already a little person who might like being snuggly or might get hot quickly. So trust your own instincts!!

If you would like more information or support contact one of the fantastic Midwives at MotherNurture or if you would like to see a snuggly winter Woombie visit the MotherNurture online shop at www.mothernurture.com.au.

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