My Dad always told me the little ones are always the sweetest.

This advice was given at a time when I was really thinking hard about what direction to move forward in.

Do I just stick to Midwife-ing and cut my loses or do I push a bit harder and try for success.

At this point I thought “bugger it!’ “why not!” “what have a got to loose?”

So I went all in and pursued the lactation cookie dream of success- risk it for the biscuit!!

I kept going not taking no for a answer when every manufacturer told me they couldn’t or wouldn’t make my product (this was for over 12 months!)

I kept going when I wasn’t really sure if this would work? How in the world was I going to sell thousands YES THOUSANDS of cookies??

And I kept going when I was really just smiling and nodding having no idea what to do next.

So yes I had success and found a manufacturer that believed my product is great, delicious and could be a great success!

I have found a (yes one!) stockist that agrees!

I have a husband that was not sure that our house was becoming a storage facility- but agrees why not!

And maybe I have a whole lots of friends that would love a selection of lactation cookies as Christmas presents 🙁

Some may say that I am driven and determined, or maybe a bit stupid.

But if you don’t believe your own dreams then who will??

I look at all those success stories and feel maybe they started with a house full of lactation cookies and a dream.

Did I tell you that I told Pinky Mckay (in person) that I was trying to take her on one cookie at a time (yes my friend even walked away from me in embarrasment).

She stated that as fine as long as I didn’t call them Boobie bikkies!

So please be patient with me as I bombard you with marketing to sell my dream.

And I hope somewhere some one is thinking the same as I did- will this be worth it?? And then follow there dreams.

You only really have to back yourself and as they say fake it till you make it!

If you are keen to give these delicious cookies a try we have a 7 day trial for only $10!

We just ask for your feedback.

Please do it for my friends and family they don’t want Cookies for Christmas 🙂



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