Mothers Milk Lactation Cookies

Origins of Mother's Milk

MotherNurture have been producing Mother’s Milk Lactation Cookies since 2013.  These were first developed to benefit the clients serviced by the Midwives of MotherNurture. The cookies were made to be a bit different with a hint of a common herb called fenugreek and the yummy taste of butter and sugar to give new mums a satisfying but beneficial snack. All cookies are made with the highest quality ingredients to help boost breast milk supply.

What we do?

MotherNurture is a Midwife based service helping mums not only in pregnancy but in the postnatal period. We specifically offer lactation support to new mums in the first seven weeks of parenthood and beyond if needed.
Mother’s Milk Lactation Cookies are a brand of MotherNurture Midwifery Service.  They are manufactured and packaged in South Australia by
a commercial bakery.

Cookie Information:

  • cookie weight: 50 grams
  • packaging dimensions: 100mm long, 80mm wide, 15mm high

Quality Assured:

The local South Australian producer of our cookies has held HACCP certification since 2006 and Woolworths Quality Assurance since 2010.

How can Mother’s Milk Lactation cookies help you?

They are a great snack and easy to take with you on the go.

The active ingredients in these cookies can help to create a great quality milk supply and also help increase a low supply for you and your baby. They also taste great!

The ingredients that help boost supply are oats, brewers yeast, flaxseed meal and fenugreek.

These have all been carefully combined with some great ingredients to make a yummy taste for such a healthy snack.

What’s in a Lactation Cookie?

Oats – contain saponins, which are sweet, soap-like substances that are great immune-boosters. The long acting carbohydrate and fibre content can also help regulate sugar absorption in the body helping to control sugar spikes.

Flaxseed Meal– called the ‘new wonder food’-Flax seed is rich in vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids, particularly Omega 3. These essential fats are heart healthy and will nourish your nervous system. They can also help the synthesis (production) of breastmilk.

Fenugreek- This is a common herb used in Indian cuisine. It has a unique ability to help control hormones especially prolactin which helps to increase milk supply and improve letdown. However be warned it can make you sweat a bit more and smell a bit sweet (and stinky!).

Brewer’s Yeast – rich in B group vitamins, minerals, folic acid and protein. Yeast is packed with proteins and micronutrients like selenium and chromium. However this can upset your digestive system in some cases causing diarrhea and more gas (to the mother).


Some feedback about our Mother’s Milk Lactation Cookies:

  • Yummy and effective.  Couldn't ask for a better combination.  Thanks for your support.

  • "These lactation cookies came at the right time for me and my baby. With the six week growth spurt my baby was hungry and they helped give me the boost I needed to increase my supply- and they were yummy!" Skye H

    Skye H
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