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MotherNurture was established to fill a ‘gap’ in service for new mothers throughout South Australia.

Within the Private Health care system there is limited access to consistent midwifery advice especially in the postnatal period.

Donna Mansell, the director and founder of MotherNurture, started this business in 2007 to help new mums in this joyous and often confusing time. Over the last few years the developments in access to Medicare has allowed the expansion of this business and has enabled more women an opportunity to access affordable, high quality, midwifery services from a consistent carer. It has also allowed midwives the autonomy of a more focused case load of clients, especially postnatally.

The midwives at MotherNurture are very focused on what your individual aims and goals are. The team offer unbiased ‘logical’ advice focusing on normal maternal and newborn changes. MotherNurture midwives have many years of knowledge and experience in the whole pregnancy and postnatal fields, both professionally and personally. MotherNurture will also leave you with resources to help build your confidence and knowledge throughout your parenting years.

MotherNurture structures each package and specifies the information and education for each new mother.

How we work

MotherNurture provides guidance and education throughout pregnancy and the weeks after birth. Your dedicated midwife will work closely with you and your family providing the highest level of care and support as you embark on an amazing new journey and new life.

Antenatal care consists of private appointments as agreed with your referring Doctor (Obstetrician or GP). Blood tests and Ultrasounds can be ordered by your Midwife. We are also qualified to prescribe medication that may be required in pregnancy or the weeks after birth.

At each appointment you will have the opportunity to ask questions about your pregnancy. Our key objective is to help you feel secure and at ease about all the changes and development going on within you. We also provide a longer appointment where more detailed information can be discussed including formulating a birth or breastfeeding plan if required.

The team at MotherNurture work closely with some of South Australia’s most elite obstetricians. Continuity and high standard of care are of utmost importance and working with industry leaders enables us to do so with confidence. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to prepare for one. MotherNurture understands the importance of partnering with the right professionals to best equip you as you prepare for your new baby.

In some instances, postnatal care begins in the hospital after the arrival of your child. MotherNurture works in conjunction with the North Eastern Community Hospital where we have visiting rights. This means we are granted access to mother and child to begin providing postnatal care immediately. We are in the process of establishing similar partnerships with other hospitals across the state.

After your baby arrives, we see you once a week until your baby is six weeks old. This depends on your individual needs it can be more frequent or less if required. Visits are tailored around your own particular circumstances. Most visits in the first week are conducted in the comfort and privacy of your own home. After this time we will discuss with you whether visits will continue in your home or in one of our clinics conveniently located around metropolitan Adelaide.

MotherNurture midwives are also available between 8am and 8pm via telephone. This is to assist you and your family to settle in with your new child. Strong support and relationships provide a wonderful platform for mother and child to bond and to make the new transition less overwhelming. The physical, emotional and hormonal changes can, at times, be daunting but with the guidance and reassurance of qualified midwives, the early weeks after your baby arrives are smoother and more enjoyable.

All care is provided in collaboration with your GP, obstetrician or paediatrician. At the end of our service, MotherNurture will issue a detailed discharge letter to the referee to continue a seamless service.

Medicare rebates are available with a valid medical referral for most services. Private health rebates may also apply.

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