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Newborn Baby Postnatal Care Services

The midwives at MotherNurture maintain a high focus on your individual needs, aims and goals.  Our team offers unbiased ‘logical’ advice focusing on normal maternal and newborn changes. MotherNurture midwives are highly experienced and knowledgeable across all aspects of pregnancy and postnatal fields, both professionally and personally. MotherNurture will also provide you with resources to help build confidence in caring for your newborn baby and continue to grow your knowledge throughout the parenting years that follow.

Visitations are tailored to suit the needs of you and your newborn baby. As a standard, we usually offer postnatal home visits for the first week to clients within a reasonable distance (15kms) of metropolitan Adelaide. Following this, visits are usually conducted in either of our clinic locations at Goodwood or North Adelaide. Initially, visits are twice weekly until your newborn baby is breastfeeding comfortably and any other concerns are alleviated.  Moving forward, visitation schedules usually move to once weekly or as required.

A phone support service is offered for all clients (8am – 8pm).

MotherNurture Midwife visits attract Medicare Rebates.  For more details please see our Pricing Information.

All services listed are available.  Services and visitation schedules are customised to the needs of each client.

For more information on how MotherNurture’s Midwifery Services can help support you and your newborn, please contact us.

Below are the services provided postnatally:

  • Settling and Routine guidance
  • Breast feeding support (Qualified Lactation Consultant)
  • Baby weighing and measurements
  • Mother and newborn postnatal checks
  • Education and advice specific to the development of your baby
  • Baby care advice
  • Written resources as appropriate to support our advice and education
  • Wound care (in consultation with your Obstetrician or GP as required)

Please note that we work closely with your own Obstetrician/Paediatrician and GP to provide these services.

All listed services available for the first eight postnatal weeks.


Full FeeMedicare Rebate
Home Visit$140.00up to $88.45
Clinic Visit$100.00up to $88.45

Clinic Locations

Adelaide Obstetrics

38 King William Road,

Dr. Ian Jones – Obstetrician | Gynaecologist

Suite 21 8/20 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide

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