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Pregnancy & Antenatal Care Services

Our antenatal care is an inclusive process to assist and educate you on your pregnancy journey.  It involves the mother-to-be, Obstetrician/GP and your MotherNurture consultant.

The frequency of our visits and how we will work with your GP or Obstetrician will be discussed at the first appointment.

You might want more information about your pregnancy, labour and birth or maybe you would like to discuss the first week of parenthood and breastfeeding challenges. This antenatal appointment is all about what you would like to discuss.

All in-hospital treatment will remain the responsibility of the Obstetrician/GP including all labour and birth care.

MotherNurture will help you understand your pregnancy.

Below are the services provided as part of our antenatal care:

  • Standard Antenatal Observations for both the Mother-to-be and baby
  • All standard tests ordered and reviewed (bloods, ultrasounds, swabs, Anti-D as indicated)
  • Education focusing on your current and upcoming stages of pregnancy
  • Providing an understanding of what to expect in pregnancy, labour and birth,  focusing on your choices and preferences. We spend time with you and your partner to help you feel more confident and prepared for pregnancy, birth and your new parenting role
  • Education on breastfeeding and early newborn care


Full FeeMedicare Rebate
Home Visit$140.00up to $88.45
Clinic Visit$100.00up to $88.45

Clinic Locations

Adelaide Obstetrics

38 King William Road,

Dr. Ian Jones – Obstetrician | Gynaecologist

Suite 21 8/20 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide

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