Welcome to my very first blog.

I write this on a Friday night after a huge week at work and nursing my glass of wine.

I’m feeling like I have been distracted and slightly cranky to all that I love in my house this week.

But boy was I a great mum when I spent three hours in a swimming pool (nearly dying of hypothermia!) helping at my sons school for the annual swimming carnival – I will wait patiently for my mother of the year award to arrive.

Or does it just even up all the “in a minute’s” I have said this week??

I spend my days helping build confident well adjusted mothers.

Lots of people think being a Midwife is all about babies.

To be honest it is very rarely about the baby, it is very commonly about the mother being created.

I constantly find myslef discussing the ‘good enough mother’.

I feel maybe I should listen to my own advice a bit more!

The ‘good enough mum’ tells herself there is always tomorrow and that perfection only exists in hollywood movies.

The ‘good enough mum’ helps to create an idea that we just have to give things a good go and as long as no one suffers long term damage – we always get another go at things.

A ‘good enough mum doesn’t compare herself to other’s – the lady you see looking like she is doing better than you is probably thinking the same thing about you!

We need to celebrate that we are all trying our very best and for instance, whether you breastfeed or not, you haven’t passed or failed.

Whether you had a natural birth or a LSCS, you have a healthy baby.

We are all ‘good enough mums’ and we should stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to be ‘perfect’ and realise some days we are the Martha Stewart of cooking, or the Michelle Bridges of fitness, or the wife of the year.

And some days we really aren’t on top of our game – it gives us something to laugh about when you realise your kids have grown up and you have done a good job!

So please all celebrate the ‘good enough mum’ in you and yes toast does mean you cooked dinner tonight!!

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