I get the pleasure of meeting lots of soon to be mums just before they meet there new little human.

Many of them say I would love to breastfeed “If I can”.

This is largely fuelled by many misconceptions about breastfeeding, including what to do and not to do.

It often makes something so natural seem so hard and makes many new mums feel like they have to control breastfeeding to make it work.

Breastfeeding can be one fo the most natural ways to nourish your baby. It is also so easy as it just happens while you sleep, eat and go about your day.

Initially it is a bit difficult as you get to know your little baby.

Are they that noisy fast eater that needs a drop sheet put down for the fall out zone. Or are that slow and steady person that takes there time and doesn’t like interruptions.

This is your new little persons personality- it is often easier to go with them rather that fight every feed.

For this blog I have put together my top 5 breastfeeding misconceptions- or untruths also known as BULL..IT

  1. Babies always have to feed both sides

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

We always talk about milk transfer and what your baby is doing while they are at the boob.

Each boob has a different amount of milk ducts (this is what actually produces the milk). This can mean one boob is the super boob and the other isn’t quite a generous.

Often the right boob is the bigger producer and this doesn’t change with more stimulation it is just how it is. I have one dodgy eye but as as team my eyes work very well. Try and think of your boobs as team mates that often work together for a full feed. But for a super boob this can often be enough for a feed for your baby- they will have the other side next feed don’t worry.

2. If you cut out lactose from your diet you stop a baby with lactose intolerance.

Lactose is a naturally occurring nutrient in all breastmilk. It is reduced by not eating any dairy (lactose) however doesn’t take it away all together- this is impossible.

The other important fact for new mums considering taking this out of your diet please remember when you are breastfeeding it is one fo the most important times for you to absorb lactose- for bone health especially. So please be cautious if stopping dairy for long periods of time especially without medical support.

3.  Drink more milk to make more milk.

Isn’t that funny! Breastmilk is 90% water which is very important for hydrating your new little person. However you just need to drink more water to have healthy supply of breast milk. Do cows drink milk to make the milk we drink?? Commonly we encourage new mums to drink 2-3 litres of water a day then other drinks on top of this. However following your thirst is always a good guide.

4. I always ‘run out of milk’ in the afternoons

Breast tissues is often full in the morning and sits more empty in the afternoon and evening. This is for many reasons. The most important being good milk duct drainage. This empty feeling actually means you are making the perfect amount of milk for your baby and getting great milk movement for your baby. It is important to also be aware that the milk in the mornings is more  hydrating and in the evenings is generally more fat rich to help that baby sleep longer and cause less irritation in the bowel.

Some mums find a healthy snack like a lactation cookie and tea in the afternoons makes they supply seem a bit better and is a yummy snack- check out the online store and grab some mothers milk cookies https://www.mothernurture.com.au/shop

It is a complex natural process. So try and go with it rather than feeling like you have to express the extra milk in the morning to top up a poor supply at night.

5. It is always difficult.

It really isn’t. If you followed all of the above advice of course you would think it was difficult.

However if you follow your babies lead get good advice to help educate and guide you along the way things will get easier. I produced my videos through The Baby Manual http://www.thebabymanual.com.auso that new mums and Dads would get information directly from the expert to ease confusion and overwhelm. If you like this advice I have provided I think you will get great support from the baby manual its only $25 per month to access all the advice and support your could ever need.


I hope you have found this information helpful please feel free to share it amongst your soon to be mummies to make the first few weeks easier.

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